Living Gay Brisbane is Moving to MillennialGay

That's right. I've moved to a self hosted site and taken the opportunity to change my web address. I don't want to lose all my readers though, so you can follow this link to my new home. It's not finished yet, but you'll start seeing changes soon. I will put a redirect on this site … Continue reading Living Gay Brisbane is Moving to MillennialGay

Shopping for new mens underwear.

Now that I'm showing off my underwear on a regular basis (almost everyday) I'm becoming more and more aware of the fact that a lot of my underwear is old, baggy, wearing thin or just plain embarrassing. Most days I really didn't care what my underwear looked like, no one was going to see it … Continue reading Shopping for new mens underwear.

The Art of Having a Perfect First Date

The following is another guest post from Peter Minkoff from Gay Republic. His first guest post on gay relationships had a really positive response so we're following up with a How To Have a Perfect First Date. Whenever they asked me how my first date had gone, I had something to complain about - either … Continue reading The Art of Having a Perfect First Date

Yay sports

Watersports?Not quite, but to me, just as unappealing. Sportsball, the catch all term for those games that celebrate hyper masculinity and the running and the scoring and kicking of the ball. I've ended up sitting on the sidelines of an A Grade AFL (Australian Football League) practice game while my boyfriend umpires... for the enjoyment … Continue reading Yay sports

Visit Gay Brisbane

Over the Christmas break I had an interview with Gay Star News about living in Brisbane. The post didn't really get much attention, so I thought I would reformat that interview into a story I can share on my blog. I've lived in Brisbane for 3 years now. When I first moved I was still in the … Continue reading Visit Gay Brisbane

Liebster Award & Where I’ve been

I guess some of you have been wondering where I've been for the last month or so. Did I die? Did I give up on blogging? Or was I just caught up in my own little world and too lazy to do anything extra? If you picked the third one you are 100% right. I've … Continue reading Liebster Award & Where I’ve been

Deleting Grindr…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my Staycation where I met a guy and spent all weekend in a happy, gay bubble. Well that has progressed rather quickly. We both knew there was something different about this, this wasn't just a random Grindr hookup. Who knew that you could find someone … Continue reading Deleting Grindr…