New Year – New Me… Maybe?

I've always kind of thought that New Years resolutions were a bit of a crock. Everyone has these big grand new year goals but then that all dies down either the morning after with the hangover or mi January when you realise that your goals are hard. Well this year I'm one of those New … Continue reading New Year – New Me… Maybe?

World Aids Day

HIV is still here - and it's on the moveWear a red ribbon today. Today is World Aids Day which aims to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. It's a time to show people that are living with HIV/AIDS that there is support out there for them and a time to remember those that have been lost … Continue reading World Aids Day

Weekly skin & body routine for men

I'm not someone that uses a tonne of different body products or who keeps facial masks in the fridge (though maybe I should be). However there are 4 products that are always in my bathroom and that I use on a weekly basis to keep my skin in check. 1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body … Continue reading Weekly skin & body routine for men


Are you growing a Mo? The Movember Foundation raises funds for some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. Movember (Moustache November) is a foundation that started in Australia in 2003 and has grown to over 5 million moustaches. Now in 20 countries, you … Continue reading Movember

My first time… Getting waxed

So I ticked another first off this weekend. I got my first brazilian and ass wax. I've been thinking about getting it done for a while, but was always nervous about the pain and not sure where to go for a good job. I'm not very regimented with my manscaping, because I'm in a bit of … Continue reading My first time… Getting waxed

Reasons to come PrEP’d

In December last year the QPrEP study kicked off. Basically it aims to reduce HIV infections by making PrEP more available, that’s an oversimplification and they are looking at a lot of other things, but if you want the ins and out you should read the participant information. I’ve now been on PrEP for 3 … Continue reading Reasons to come PrEP’d