Shopping for new mens underwear.

Now that I’m showing off my underwear on a regular basis (almost everyday) I’m becoming more and more aware of the fact that a lot of my underwear is old, baggy, wearing thin or just plain embarrassing.

Most days I really didn’t care what my underwear looked like, no one was going to see it so it didn’t matter. But now maybe I should take a little bit of pride in my jocks.

Last year I bought a couple of pairs of sexy underwear, but the bulk of my underwear is pretty ‘daggy’ (sorry for the Aussie slang). So if I’m going to upgrade my undie game, I don’t have the budget to be shopping on next gay thing for sexy underwear for my entire wardrobe. I will stick with the couple of sexy/fun underwear that I’ve got from there, the two jock straps and everything else I might start to turf if it’s over two years old or looks daggy.

Am I a briefs, boxer briefs or a bikini man? Or god forbid a boxers man (yea probably not). Do I stick with classic black, or do I go for some funky colours?


mens underwearEasy, comfortable but can be a little boring if plain. Under no circumstances can they be plain white. Tighty whiteys are only ok if you haven’t hit puberty yet.

Boxer briefs

More fabric so apparently they aren’t as cool as briefs, but can help to avoid leg chafe (chub rub) if you’re moving around a lot.


mens underwearHonestly I’m not convinced that these would be comfortable for everyday wear. They look like they would sit funny if you moved around a bit. Maybe these would be more suited to the sexy occasional wear pile.

I think I’ll start with some tried and trusted boxer briefs and regular briefs. But maybe I’ll try out freeballing 😉

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11 thoughts on “Shopping for new mens underwear.

  1. I recommend briefs. Tho I was boxer brief man for a long time. But I find that my thighs are now bigger and his makes boxer briefs roll up at the leg and become uncomfortable. I do love a good jockstrap too.
    I’m with you I am slowly getting rid of old pairs cause to be honest I could no wash underwear for over a month and still have clean pairs to use.
    My recommendation is bonds briefs for everyday they are pretty comfy and look ok. 👌🏽

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  2. If I wear a betting man, I’d say one of the pics in this post was of you.
    Since I’m a DOM (don’t get your hopes up, I mean Dirty Old Man) I’d bet it was that last one with the tiniest bit of cheek showing. 😈
    Imma look up a pretty cheap underwear club I used to belong to based in your homeland…

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  3. My underwear runs the gamut from boxers to boxer briefs to briefs. Don’t own any bikini or jock straps which probably makes me an oddity. Like you, I probably need to get more underwear although unlike you – it is for the more mundane fact that it will help me delay needing to do laundry.

    Glad to see you blogging regularly again.

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