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dating is a minefield. Come prepared.

Proposed SSM Bill Passed the Senate Today

For those of you following along to Australia's fight for Marriage Equality, here's a quick update. The proposed Same Sex Marriage bill has been voted on in the Senate Today the proposed bill has passed through the Senate. Which means that it can now be moved to the House of Representatives next week to be … Continue reading Proposed SSM Bill Passed the Senate Today

I hate your stupid face.

I usually have a rule about the homosexuals in the building. To avoid uncomfortable elevator rides and the like. Oh well, this will teach me. Don't shit where you eat! Don't fuck who you work with!I met this one guy (we'll call him Colour Tattoos) at a think tank for gay employees on why morale … Continue reading I hate your stupid face.

MVMT Watch

I wanted to post about my favourite accessory. I'm not a big accessory or jewellery guy, but I love my watch. There's something about a nice watch on a man that just makes me more attracted to him because I think it's classy. I wear this one pretty much everyday because it goes with most … Continue reading MVMT Watch

5 Gay Australian Youtubers to Watch

So I published a page this week with links to a few gay blogs that I follow/connect with. Then started thinking 'what about all the great gay youtube content. I'm not going to create another page like that, and when I started looking at youtube videos I found that there were a lot of compilation … Continue reading 5 Gay Australian Youtubers to Watch

Waiting for my nudes to be leaked

Hey I need you to test something for me. Did you know that if you send someone a video via direct message on Instagram, that the other person can save it with no notification? This was the test my friend needed me to help him with. I guess he assumed it was like snapchat where … Continue reading Waiting for my nudes to be leaked

Straightsplaining and ‘No homo’ are still very much things

Font Folly

A tumblr post recently came across my dashboard that summed up an issue I keep running into (often with folks who I consider friends). The original blog,, has been deleted, but the words are still true:

“Oh, so because I’m straight I’m not allowed to have an opinion on [insert LGBT issue here]”


I’m an english major. I know next to nothing about science, engineering, and astronomy. Sure, I think space is cool. I’m very supportive of NASA’s efforts. I might even have an opinion on where we should send the next shuttle or how much money we should spend on space travel.

But at the end of the day, my opinion on the matter is not valuable. I’m not going to enter into a discussion about the next shuttle launch with a bunch of trained scientists and expect them to take me seriously.

Sometimes, your opinion is…

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The Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Result Comes Out Today

Update: We Fucking Won In just under 2 hours we will know the results from the Same Sex Marriage voluntary postal survey ridiculously expensive exercise in homophobia. This has been a very long and hurtful few months for many LGBTIQ+ Aussies. I wish I could say that once the result is announced tomorrow, that this will be … Continue reading The Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Result Comes Out Today