Living Gay Brisbane is Moving to MillennialGay

That's right. I've moved to a self hosted site and taken the opportunity to change my web address. I don't want to lose all my readers though, so you can follow this link to my new home. It's not finished yet, but you'll start seeing changes soon. I will put a redirect on this site … Continue reading Living Gay Brisbane is Moving to MillennialGay

Living Gay Brisbane on Facebook

Hey 👋🏻 I've now been blogging for 12 months. Which I will count as a milestone. I've started a Facebook page for my blog to make it easier for people to find my posts and hopefully increase the conversations that happen from these posts. All of my posts get shared straight to the page and … Continue reading Living Gay Brisbane on Facebook

The week of dates that never were

My 2018 dating life started out with a lot of attention, more attention than I've had in months actually. Which should have tipped me off that it wasn't all on the Up & Up. I decided to write this after being inspired by ATLEASTHAVEAFRIGGINGLASS. Date 1. The Take Back. The first date I agreed to … Continue reading The week of dates that never were

2018 Living Gay Brisbane Goals

Branch out the blog - not just steamy hook up stories. Double my followers. Work with more guest posters & guest post more. preplan blog posts and always have a couple of weeks worth scheduled to post. Figure out how to include caption sized pictures in my mailchimp emails. Find a new theme that keeps … Continue reading 2018 Living Gay Brisbane Goals

Happy HoliGays

Happy Holidays HoliGays readers. nothing super wordy today. Just a collection of hot guys in Christmas attire. It's Christmas eve here so, please enjoy this shameless thirst trap. Follow me on Bloglovin or find me on Twitter. Check out my Redbubble Store.

Same Sex Marriage Will Be Legal In Australia

This afternoon I am very happy to be posting that Same Sex Marriage has been passed by the Australian Government. Same Sex Marriage will be legal in Australia. I've said it before, but this has been a very long few months for LGBTIQ+ Australians. The Postal Survey was announced in August, with voting from 12th … Continue reading Same Sex Marriage Will Be Legal In Australia