Yay sports


Not quite, but to me, just as unappealing. Sportsball, the catch all term for those games that celebrate hyper masculinity and the running and the scoring and kicking of the ball.

I’ve ended up sitting on the sidelines of an A Grade AFL (Australian Football League) practice game while my boyfriend umpires… for the enjoyment of it.

He loves AFL, he’s been involved in the sport since he was 14 and at one time was considering a career as a professional umpire. But now he just umpires as a hobby because he loves being involved in it.

I have my own feelings on his involvement because from getting to know him, it’s clear the sport and the types of people involved, were a huge part in his fear of coming out. But that’s not my business, he loves the game and wants to be involved. So here I am watching an AFL game where I don’t really know the rules.

But I did see a punch on so that was entertaining. No one took their shirts off, so it’s not like any of the football porn I’ve watched.

When I first met the boyfriend I lied and told him that I am more of an NRL supporter than AFL supporter. Which is technically true, because I’ve watched like 4 NRL games in my life. But after a couple of weeks he realised I actually just had no fucking clue about sportsball in general.

I honestly hope he doesn’t ask me any specifics about the game. Because I’ve spent the majority of it writing this post and taking photos.

And yes. My boyfriend is one of those losers in the fluro green 😂

8 thoughts on “Yay sports

  1. Sports balls great! But I could be bias.
    What excites me is that it’s possible to have a boyfriend that’s not into sports ball but willing to come and support you even if it’s not their thing.

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  2. This is beyond sweet.
    I found myself grinning like a fool as I read. FTR, I feel the same as you about sports. It’s a constant wedge issue in my family, work and social life.
    But I think you’re doing a good thing for a blossoming romance. Supporting his interests and I hope he indulges yours similarly.
    But, seriously…those socks?!? You’re a good man…

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  3. Good for you for being there and supporting your man. That’s an admirable trait and I hope he realizes your sacrifice (?) for your relationship! Seriously, you can go online and research the rules of the game and who knows, maybe next year you’ll be out on the playing field! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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