Yay sports

Watersports?Not quite, but to me, just as unappealing. Sportsball, the catch all term for those games that celebrate hyper masculinity and the running and the scoring and kicking of the ball. I've ended up sitting on the sidelines of an A Grade AFL (Australian Football League) practice game while my boyfriend umpires... for the enjoyment … Continue reading Yay sports

Visit Gay Brisbane

Over the Christmas break I had an interview with Gay Star News about living in Brisbane. The post didn't really get much attention, so I thought I would reformat that interview into a story I can share on my blog. I've lived in Brisbane for 3 years now. When I first moved I was still in the … Continue reading Visit Gay Brisbane

Liebster Award & Where I’ve been

I guess some of you have been wondering where I've been for the last month or so. Did I die? Did I give up on blogging? Or was I just caught up in my own little world and too lazy to do anything extra? If you picked the third one you are 100% right. I've … Continue reading Liebster Award & Where I’ve been

The cleaner found one of my sex toys

Last year my housemate and I looked into hiring a cleaner to come in once a fortnight and do an hour or so because we were both working so much and it's nice to come home to a clean house. So for $67 a fortnight we got a nice clean house. Sounds great right? Until … Continue reading The cleaner found one of my sex toys

How to take a great dick pic

As a young gay man who is no stranger to grindr or any of the other apps, I've seen my fair share of dick pics. 6 Alternatives – What to use when Grindr’s not for you Some good, some bad, some sad, some just plain gross. Why do guys take dick pics? As someone who has … Continue reading How to take a great dick pic

Things to leave in 2017

Calling People FuckBoysFuckboy has been so overused this year that I think it's lost its power. I think it should be reserved for only the biggest douchebags. Acting like FuckBoysGuys we have equality now. Can I get a text back please? Stop acting like an emotionless man baby and own your emotional shit. Having feelings … Continue reading Things to leave in 2017

A Gay Guy’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

If you're like my group of gays, gifts are gag or thoughtful and sometimes both. Last year I bought a friend a bottle of wine called 'Bleeding Heart' and a postcard with a shirtless Disney prince on it with a note saying 'drink this while you wait for your prince'. So what do you get … Continue reading A Gay Guy’s Guide to Christmas Shopping