The Art of Having a Perfect First Date

The following is another guest post from Peter Minkoff from Gay Republic. His first guest post on gay relationships had a really positive response so we're following up with a How To Have a Perfect First Date. Whenever they asked me how my first date had gone, I had something to complain about - either … Continue reading The Art of Having a Perfect First Date

Yay sports

Watersports?Not quite, but to me, just as unappealing. Sportsball, the catch all term for those games that celebrate hyper masculinity and the running and the scoring and kicking of the ball. I've ended up sitting on the sidelines of an A Grade AFL (Australian Football League) practice game while my boyfriend umpires... for the enjoyment … Continue reading Yay sports

Deleting Grindr…

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my Staycation where I met a guy and spent all weekend in a happy, gay bubble. Well that has progressed rather quickly. We both knew there was something different about this, this wasn't just a random Grindr hookup. Who knew that you could find someone … Continue reading Deleting Grindr…

Gay Relationships: Do’s & Don’ts

The following is a guest post by a Gay Lifestyle writer Peter Minkoff. Whether you’re in a first real relationship right now or you’ve been out there in the dating world for years, you are still bound to make mistakes – even the best ones are susceptible to them. From neophytes to relationship pros, everyone … Continue reading Gay Relationships: Do’s & Don’ts


Not quite a retraction to my last post, but more proof that good things come when you least expect it. After a week of disappointing not dates, I wasn't really expecting much from this weekend. It started off with an injury and turned into one of the best weekends I've ever had. Which is even … Continue reading Staycation.

The week of dates that never were

My 2018 dating life started out with a lot of attention, more attention than I've had in months actually. Which should have tipped me off that it wasn't all on the Up & Up. I decided to write this after being inspired by ATLEASTHAVEAFRIGGINGLASS. Date 1. The Take Back. The first date I agreed to … Continue reading The week of dates that never were

When does it count as a relationship?

The following is a guest post from Romantic in the big city. One of my gay blogging buddies. A friend told me I was overreacting to my most recent break up because the guy wasn’t even officially my boyfriend. It didn’t matter to my friend that I spent 6 months with this guy. It didn’t … Continue reading When does it count as a relationship?

How to take a great dick pic

As a young gay man who is no stranger to grindr or any of the other apps, I've seen my fair share of dick pics. 6 Alternatives – What to use when Grindr’s not for you Some good, some bad, some sad, some just plain gross. Why do guys take dick pics? As someone who has … Continue reading How to take a great dick pic

Gay Dating is Hard

The first same sex marriage can officially take place on the 9th of January which means the #HusbandHunt is officially on. One problem though Dating is Hard Y'all. You've read some of my hilarious dating fails, but here's the thing. I've Never had a boyfriend I know right, its shocking. With a nasty sarcastic streak … Continue reading Gay Dating is Hard