12 Months of Blogging

I hit 12 months of blogging on the 26th of January.

As something that started as an idea a friend and I talked about in the abstract, as a precursor to writing a book (I still have no idea what I’d even write a book about). I’ve learnt a lot about myself in these 12 months, I’ve learnt how to express myself better & sometimes how to bottle it all up and vent about it later.

All time post viewsMy writing style has improved out of sight since my awkward and clumsy first few posts Reasons to come PrEP’d.

I’ve learnt that the best way to deal with a bad date, is to blog about it here. One of the few friends that I’ve shared this blog with has encouraged me to keep getting myself into these awkward situations because ‘Everything is content now’.

My most liked post Gay Dating is Hard gives me hope that there is definitely a gay lifestyle niche out there and I stay the course and keep expanding what I’m writing. I’ve written a guest post on Our Queer Stories, I’ve been interviewed by Gay Star News & I’ve been lucky enough to have two wonderful bloggers want to guest post on my blog When does it count as a relationship? & Gay Relationships: Do’s & Don’ts.

follower totalsI do still have a goal to be a blogger that can earn some sort of an income from their writing, but that’s a long way off from the $2.62 I’ve earned with WordAds.

Year 2.

My domain age will start showing a 1 instead of a very sad looking 0.

I need to do more research into local events and maybe even reach out to a few gay themed products to review. I want to keep expanding this blog and really make it a go to for those who want a bit of a laugh, mixed with some truths about being a millennial gay and doing everything a cliché would do, without actually being one.

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