The cleaner found one of my sex toys

Last year my housemate and I looked into hiring a cleaner to come in once a fortnight and do an hour or so because we were both working so much and it’s nice to come home to a clean house. So for $67 a fortnight we got a nice clean house.

Sounds great right?

Until you come home one day. The kitchen is spotless, the bathroom the same, even the toilet paper was folded like they do in hotels. My room is tidy, my bed made and the side table cleaned off and all of the items arranged…

FUCKJack off toy

I forgot I left that out. For those of you that don’t recognise this on sight, it’s a fleshlight. I’d left the toy on the side table. My heart missed a beat as I realised that the cleaner had cleaned AROUND it.

I must have left it there for a few days because I hadn’t used it the night before. I guess that’s what happens when no one else really comes into your room.

The fleshlight isn’t my everyday go to, it requires cleaning and a fair amount of lube. But sometimes you just want to shove your dick in something. You know that feeling right?

The nice sweet lady who leaves our house so clean found a fuck toy. Oh yep and the bottle of ‘Fuck Water’ is clearly visible on the table as well. I can feel my face reddening in the less than 30 seconds it takes to process this.

I’ll have to be more conscientious next fortnight about leaving things in sight. Maybe it was just a coincidence that we got a different cleaner the next fortnight because our original one went for an overseas holiday…

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5 thoughts on “The cleaner found one of my sex toys

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