Same Sex Marriage in Australia.

I’ve written a few different posts about this, but I thought it was time for one final one.

Same Sex Marriage is officially the law of the land today. It’s the 9th of January and from this day forward same sex couples can be legally married in Australia.

Last month the Government votes to change the law allowing Same Sex Couples to marry, designating today for this to come into effect. Two couples actually received exemptions from the wait period and have already tied the knot, but from today it’s open to everyone.

It’s been a long road to Marriage equality.

With a Postal Survey taking a very ‘bull in a china shop’ approach to gauging public opinion.

We smashed that though.

To the proposal of a bill that was fought by conservatives for its lack of conservative exemptions homophobia. Which were rejected. Meaning that a bill was passed, virtually unchanged. Marriage is no longer between a man and a woman, but two people.

I’m still waiting for all the wedding invites to start rolling in. I want to be at the singles table and get ripped. Please enjoy these pictures of gay men being cute. I’m off to the gym to get my body ready for Gay Wedding Season and the Husband Hunt

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