Get to know me.

I thought it was time to let my followers know a little bit more about me. I’m still going to keep this blog anonymous so that I can continue to post the things that I do without fear of a future employer googling me talking about dicks.

1. Age: 24

2. Height: 177 cm

3. Star Sign: Libra

4. Religion: Baptised Catholic. Practiced twice.

5. Political Leaning: Labor

6. Ass or Titties: Ass

7. Dream Job: At this point a management consultant.

8. Sexuality: Gay… if you’re reading this blog and you didn’t know that. Then that’s a concern.

9. Mac or PC: Mac. Total Mac fanboy unfortunately.

10. Fave Website: um… well this is what’s in my bookmarks. Make of that what you will. img_5047

11. How many people have I dated: Define dated…

12. First Kiss: Year 6 at a friends sleepover party where we played spin the bottle.

13. Last Twitter DM: With the Gay Supremacist.

14. Do you have any weird kinks: I’ve posted about my BDSM test already.

15. Fave Cartoon: X-men & X-men Evolution, Pokémon & the original Digimon.

16. Nicknames in High School: Just a shortening of my full name.

17. Type of Car you Drive: Holden Cruze

18. What are you wearing: Blue tshirt, rolled up chino shorts and blue & white polka dot jocks.

19. Do you want kids: depends where my life is at in a decade or so.

20. If you could go back in time where would you go: Honestly I don’t think I would. Forward maybe.

21. What is you ancestry: Australian for multiple generations. Dads surname came from a convict ship and mums family seems to have some Greek ancestry. But super Aussie.

22. Last video you watched: The Good Wife Season 4, Episode 5.

23. Last Movie you watched: Bright… still can’t decide what to make of it.

24. Last thing that made you cry: Marriage Equality being passed into law. I cried in a car park.

25. What did you think you would be doing at this age 10 years ago: I was told I should be lawyer because I argued quite well.

26. Would that you be proud of you: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think he would have wished that I was braver and came out earlier.

27. Strangest Fear: I have some anxiety… So uncertainty.

28. Do you like Trump: God no.


30. Favourite YouTubers: Thatcher Joe, Alan Tsibulya & Riyadh K.

31. What Video games are you playing at the moment: Dishonoured. Stuck on the second last damn level.

32. Fave Song Currently:

33. What is you goal in life: To be happy, successful and in love.

34. How would you like to die: Somehow that doesn’t hurt and before someone has to wipe my ass.

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Oh yea and pic slip.

I found this questionnaire on a blog that I follow. Read the original here.

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9 thoughts on “Get to know me.

  1. Although I’m not anonymous on my blog, I thought I’d share with you the same information, because I enjoyed reading the post.
    1 – Age 47
    2 – Height 187 cm / 6’2″
    3 – Star Sign Taurus
    4 – Religion Raised Catholic – briefly entered seminary but no longer practicing
    5 – Political leaning Progressive
    6 – Ass or titties – Ass
    7 – Dream Job Luxury travel consultant and reviewer
    8 – Sexuality decidedly gay read my blog and you’ll know right away
    9 – Mac or PC I’m decidedly PC
    10 – Fave website – too many to list but I have them as part of my blogroll
    11 – How many people have I dated – See this blog’s response; I say ditto
    12 – First kiss – I have no idea
    13 – Last DM @largetony
    14 – Do you have weird kinks – Define weird
    15 – Fave cartoon – as a kid, Scooby Doo as an adult Minions (does that count?)
    16 – Nicknames – too many to note but here are a few, Flash, Goat, Weebs, etc.
    17 – Type of car I drive VW Golf
    18 – What am I wearing – jeans, blue knit polo, plaid boxers and funny socks
    19 – Do I want kids – decidedly not, but I love being an uncle
    20 – If I could go back in time where would I go – Maybe to see how my parents met
    21 – What is your ancestry mostly Italian decent but also Irish, Scottish and Welch
    22 – Last video I watched was Yanis Marshall:
    23 – Last movie I watched was Guardians of the Galaxy (my thoughts: meh)
    24 – Last thing that made me cry – Don’t recall
    25 – What did I think I would be doing at this age 10 years ago – Don’t know that I gave it much thought. Probably thought I’d be at a different employer; can’t believe I’ve worked at my firm for nearly 10 years now.
    26 – Would that you be proud of you – I think so. I’m proud of the man I’ve become.
    27 – Strangest fear perhaps not strange but I’m slightly claustrophobic
    28 – Do I like Trump – read my blog and you’ll have your answer
    29 – THICC or THINN: Probably due to my age, but I have no idea what this means
    30 – Favorite YouTubers: Brenton Parry, Yanis Marshall, Post Modern Jukebox, and more.
    31 – What video games are you playing – None
    32 – Fave Song – at the moment I can’t get “Havana” out of my head
    33 – What is my goal in life – to enjoy every moment and leave this place a little better than I found it.
    34 – How would you like to die – content and at peace.

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