Things to leave in 2017

Fuckboy free zoneCalling People FuckBoys

Fuckboy has been so overused this year that I think it’s lost its power. I think it should be reserved for only the biggest douchebags.

Acting like FuckBoys

Guys we have equality now. Can I get a text back please? Stop acting like an emotionless man baby and own your emotional shit. Having feelings isn’t the end of the world.

facebook fuck youTony Abbot, Lyle Shelton & Cory Bernardi

Ok so they are stuck in the 1940’s, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave them in 2017. Let them fade into obscurity with their outdated views. 2018 is the year of Gay Weddings so we won’t be needing you three.

Marriage being between a Man and a Woman

Oh yea did I mention we can get married next year? Bring on January 9 and all the Same Sex Weddings! It’s been a big year here in Australia, but 2018 brings Gay Wedding Season so bring it on.

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3 thoughts on “Things to leave in 2017

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