A Gay Guy’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

If you’re like my group of gays, gifts are gag or thoughtful and sometimes both. Last year I bought a friend a bottle of wine called ‘Bleeding Heart’ and a postcard with a shirtless Disney prince on it with a note saying ‘drink this while you wait for your prince’.
So what do you get the gay in your life.

GaymasThe Scallywag Society

For the friend that cooks and whose house is littered with images of men in all stages of nudity. An apron with shirtless firemen is perfect. I’m sure it will come out at all the dinner parties.

The Scallywag Society is based in Sydney and shipped to me in 2 days. Along with aprons they have tote bags and cushions with free shipping in Australia at the moment.

Check them out here.

next gay thing

New sexy underwear

Can friends give friends underwear as a gift? I feel like yes. I’m going to allow it and would be happy to receive sexy underwear from my friends. Mainly because I like to think that it means ‘I believe in you, 2018 will be the year you can show them off to others’. Maybe a subscription service like Next Gay Thing for a surprise.

A T-shirt or a Singlet with their face on it.

For the narcissistic one. Bring Instagram to life by allowing people to like their selfies in real life. Yes one of my friends was gifted a singlet with a screenshot of his most liked Instagram picture 2 years ago. Redbubble has some good sales on custom shirts here.

Sia Christmas Album

Has Sia replaced Mariah? Probably not but its nice to have something new.

Booze, Spirits, Wine, Beer.

Lets be honest, that’s the safe bet.


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gay pride tote

One thought on “A Gay Guy’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

  1. I’m liking that Scallywag Society swag. It reminds me of some Sexy Cowboy potholders that I got about a dozen years ago by a vender at Pike Place Market in Seattle called Heavens to Betsy. Fun, kitsche, sexy stuff. And after 12 years of abuse in my kitsch-en, I could use a fresh pair!

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