What’s in the box? Next Gay Thing

So this month I treated myself to an order from Next Gay Thing. First time orderer and I’m pretty sure I’ll be a return customer. There’s something about new underwear and funky new socks that just make a gay man happy.

I was definitely being targeted with Facebook ads because of my google history because I kept seeing these ads for this company. Decided to give it a try because unlike some other services its not a lock in contract.

What I got in my Next Gay Thing Box.

November Next Gay ThingI ordered the pride pack (I wonder how they came up with that name).

  • 1 pair of underwear
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 perfume sample

Stud Ruggers

Now first off, the underwear type is apparently called Ruggers, I personally would have described them as Booty Shorts, but oh well. I like the mesh design as it’s coming into Summer here and my junk will appreciate the breathing room and hopefully so will anyone else who happens to be taking them off. I have a date tonight so who knows.

Bryt Business Socks

Next Gay ThingI guess these are a one size fits all approach because I don’t remember choosing my size for socks. These are mens 8 – 12, so should be fine as a 10 (The one time in life I’m a 10). I personally love funky socks, as someone who lives the corporate life I enjoy breaking out of the drab attire that some wear. Often my style ranges from ‘That’s a little bit extra’ to ‘Shabby chic’.

Etat Libre D’Orange / Hermann

Fancy perfume from France apparently. I apparently have enough here for two applications. I think this one will go in my bag for emergency use, or when I really want to impress a date. 50ml’s retails for about $90 so hopefully its good.

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All up the box cost me $40 including postage as it came from the UK. 27 euro for any UK readers. Value for money yes, but maybe I’ll look for some Aussie companies that offer similar services.

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