Proposed SSM Bill Passed the Senate Today

For those of you following along to Australia’s fight for Marriage Equality, here’s a quick update.

The proposed Same Sex Marriage bill has been voted on in the Senate

Today the proposed bill has passed through the Senate. Which means that it can now be moved to the House of Representatives next week to be voted on and following I’m sure more arguing will be passed into law. Read the proposed bill here.

  • 55 Senators voted.
  • 43 voted for the bill
  • 12 voted against the bill

This is the culmination of two days worth of discussion in the Senate, with multiple proposed amendments being shot down (Thankfully). The amendments that were shot down included provisions for people to decline to offer services for weddings that didn’t fit with their ‘strongly held beliefs‘ (homophobia).

Senator Pauline Hanson (who you might know as the mouthpiece for Australia’s lowest common denominators) chose not to participate in the vote because we haven’t thought enough about how this will affect the people who voted NO (and lost) in the postal survey. I disagree Senator Hanson, I think we’ve spent far too much time thinking about how this will affect those who don’t support Same Sex Marriage. We’ve had to listen to their often unfounded and often wildly incorrect thoughts on the matter too much in the past few months.

Today is another step forward for LGBTIQ Australians and hopefully it won’t be long until I have to rule out every weekend in my diary for fabulously extra gay weddings. Hopefully some will read Debt Free Guy’s post on Paying for a Same-Sex Wedding before breaking the bank and injecting huge amounts of cash into the wedding industry.

Despite some words from Senator George Brandis about this being a great day for LGBTIQ Australians and it can be remembered that the Liberal government got us here. We won’t forget what you put us through and what it took to get this done. You can read the full update from here.

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