5 Gay Australian Youtubers to Watch

So I published a page this week with links to a few gay blogs that I follow/connect with. Then started thinking ‘what about all the great gay youtube content. I’m not going to create another page like that, and when I started looking at youtube videos I found that there were a lot of compilation videos for ‘Gay Youtubers’. So in the spirit of making my own niche here are 5 Gay Australian Youtubers to watch.

1. Alan Tsibulya

I only came across Alan recently, but I’ve binge watched most of his video skits, because I think they’re pretty damn funny. He has actually broken into mainstream with some red carpet interviews, MTV had him interview people on the red carpet of the LGBTI Awards this year and that’s worth a watch.

2. The Diary of Jake

75k Subscribers and 5 years worth of content. I don’t think he posts as much as he used to, but his collars are usually funny. He had a travel portion for a while when he was abroad for those who like travel bloggers. He’s seriously cute though, shame he lives in Sydney.

3. AlrightHey

Real name – Matt. His ‘Shit people Say’ series is viral gold, guaranteed to be shared to a friend with the caption ‘OMG this is so you’. 2 weeks in to a new ‘Driving with’ series with 8 videos to go.

4 .Troye Sivan

Would an Australian youtube list be complete without Troye Sivan? Of course not, Hopefully you’ve already heard of him. Apart from general youtube content, he’s a fantastic singer from Perth, though spending a lot of tie in America now. He released his first album in 2015 with chart topers like ‘Youth’ & ‘Wild’.

5. Ben Blue

Now full disclosure, I only found him during my youtube crawl to find all the links for this post. But I’ve watched about 8 of his videos while procrastinating this post. I did find his diss track first and 10/10 can twerk. Also check out some of his music video recreations.

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Ok so there was one more that I follow and I think/want (probably want because’s he’s hot) is gay, but I just watched 9 minutes of a really emotional video about his feelings and it wasn’t a coming out video so I’ve left him off and assume he’s straight. oh well.

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2 thoughts on “5 Gay Australian Youtubers to Watch

  1. Oh dear Alrighthey. Been there. I have this terrible habit of getting the waiter to explain in detail what is in a dish and how it’s cooked only at the end of it to say, thanks, then order something completely different.

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