Weekly skin & body routine for men

I’m not someone that uses a tonne of different body products or who keeps facial masks in the fridge (though maybe I should be). However there are 4 products that are always in my bathroom and that I use on a weekly basis to keep my skin in check.

1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash

living gay brisbane beauty productsI use this one every second day, because my skin hates me. The tea tree oil helps to dry out the areas where you have acne and reduce the redness. I’ve been using this for about a year, it’s definitely made a difference to the skin on my back, without being terribly hard on the skin.

2 . Five O’clock Shadow Shaving Smoothie

lush productsThis is a great one, I use it for all sorts of shaving needs… Mainly my face though. I usually get a bit of a shaving rash when I use a regular razor. But I rub this in before and use it as a bit of a lather and I don’t seem to get the redness anymore. Bonus it leaves a really pleasant smell on my face for a couple of hours.

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3. Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser

dark angels facial cleanser lushNow I was attracted to this one mainly because it looked cool on my hand when we were trying stuff out. But the combination of charcoal and black sugar creates a really great facial scrub that leaves my face feeling really clean and bright. I use this one every 3-4 days, or whenever my skin is feeling oily. I just have to remember to make sure I wipe off all of the black smudges before I leave the house.

4. Enchanted Eye Cream

lush living gay brisbaneThe best for last and my personal saviour, keeping me from looking like a high functioning crack head. I’ve now reached the stage in my life where if I don’t get a full nights sleep my eyes look sunken and the dark circles aren’t good for any look. I actually use this 5/7 mornings a week, it’s a little bit like witchcraft how quickly it reduces the bags under my eyes and has me looking like a fully functioning human again.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly skin & body routine for men

  1. I’m buying the body wash for my boyfriend who, even at an advanced age, suffers from regular breakouts. And I’m buying the eye cream for myself because ‘suffering’ shouldn’t be a look. Thanks for the reviews!!


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