Mostly Sober October

So I’m coming to the end of my Ocsober. Which I made my own rules for because not drinking for a whole month is bullshit and I made it to the Wednesday of week 1 before my team had some work drinks and I caved.

But I have made a real effort to cut down on my drinking and be a bit healthier with my choices. It’s strange, I suddenly have all this extra time on my Saturday mornings because I’m not holding a pillow over my head and wishing for the sweet relief of death 💀.


Well September was a big month for me. Brisbane Pride was on so I ended up drinking Friday and Saturday night. Then the last week of September I went a little bit too hard on my birthday weekend. Friday night started at 5pm and ended at 4:30am in a couple friends apartment drinking champagne on the floor while listening to remixes. Actually that’s where I was where I got the recommendation for the waxer I used in my story My first time… Getting waxed.

binge drinkingBut waking up like death on Saturday morning was coupled with the realisation that I had to do it all again at 6pm because that’s what I’d organised with my friends as my birthday celebration. So I had like 8 hours to pull myself back together into some semblance of a human, just to do it all again.

The Sunday morning bank balance looked very sorry for itself. It’s lucky I had the Monday to recover too as the compounded hangover and the associated anxiety was borderline crippling.

It seemed like the perfect time to consider some time without alcohol and away from the bars and clubs. So I originally said I would go through October without any alcohol; this was quickly scaled back to an October without partying. Which is much more manageable.

sober october couchI have gotten very comfy with my couch on Saturday nights. Actually one Saturday I had a friends going away party in the afternoon that was to continue on into the night. I bailed at 6pm because I only knew 2 of the people there and everyone was well and truly on the way to terrible decisions land. I ordered pizza from dominos on to be ready on my way through and had pizza and Pepsi on the couch while catching up on some of the new additions to Stan.

All bets are off for Halloween though. That’s my favourite gay holiday of the year, none of this crazy talk like waiting until 12:01 on the 1st of November to have a drink. If I’m dressing up I’m drinking. Though the bonus of some sober weekends is I’ve had time to plan my costume.

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9 thoughts on “Mostly Sober October

  1. Yes…Octsober!
    I have a Dry Week several times a year, so I know the value of your last month.
    And the struggle.
    And the deal-making.
    But at the end of a Dry Week, I always feel I’ve done something good for myself…even if my week ends a little early!


  2. I never heard of Octsober until now. (lol) Interesting. I don’t drink so that is probably why. If I drink it’s just random for some reason. Like next weekend I told my boyfriend after the past two weeks we have had, next week we are ordering food and buying some alcohol, because it’s time to enjoy ourselves once in awhile.

    I expect a full report about Halloween! 😛


  3. “It’s been a very long month haha. But I do feel better for it.” If you are feeling better for it wouldn’t it make sense to give up drinking permanently so you will feel better all the time?


    • No, I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with drinking. I actually really enjoy going out drinking with my friends. I just decided to take a break because I felt that I was doing it a lot.


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