10 Halloween costume ideas for gay guys.

So we’re coming up to gay Christmas… I mean Halloween, one of my favourite times of year. You can dress up, be creative and push boundaries for one night and its expected & encouraged. So lets have a look at some of the costume ideas over on pinterest that could work.

Skeleton face is a classic. I actually used this idea last year. I also used the body paint to create some cool designs for scars and tattoos on my arms and legs.


Merman or Mermaid.

Now I’ve actually been looking into ways to create a look like this for a while. Apparently the best results are using different blue/green eyeshadow colours and wearing a fishnet stocking over your face to create the scales effect. Please remember to take fishnet off before leaving the house.

Horror Clown

I’m assuming this will be a fairly popular look, given that we’ve just had the new IT movie come out in cinemas. This one looks like a steam punk inspired clown.

Couples Costume

If you’re a lucky bastard and you can convince your partner to do a sickeningly cute and annoying couples costume. Make it funny at least.


Disney Hades

I love this costume because I loved the Hercules disney film as a kid… probably something to do with all the cartoon abs. Plus Hades is the original sassy gay best friend.

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A new spin on a normally female costume. Halloween is the time to experiment and push boundaries after all. This one looks frigging great too.

The Joker

While Suicide Squad was a let down of a film. It did bring us Jared Leto as a sexy joker, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste.


The zombie is a classic. I’ve rocked different variations of zombie costumes twice, but what really sells it is the liquid latex and fake wounds.

Wonder Wo-MAN

Ok so I’m actually really liking the idea of gender reversals. It’s not quite drag, but it’s in that vein and it’s actually great.


And to finish this ideas list off. Who could go past the iconic frankenstein. Michelle Visage may hate green and Alexis Michelle may have ruined it for all. But this is an oldie but a goodie.


Have you planned your costume yet? Post your ideas down below.

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7 thoughts on “10 Halloween costume ideas for gay guys.

    • You don’t have to strip down to dress up for Halloween. The Hades idea could be a really good one, it’s not very revealing and fairly easy to execute, Blue hair, grey skin and some kind of black bed sheet that you turn into a toga.


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