12 First Date Ideas In Brisbane – Take me on a date

12 First Date Ideas in Brisbane

So following on from my dating rules post, I’ve put together a list of fun date ideas to do around brisbane. Some I’ve done, some I want to do; if I ever come back out of my hermit hole. I’ve tried to steer away from the usual romantic dinners and compiled a list for those that don’t mind doing something a little different. I’ve also included some options that will minimise awkward silences by giving you something else to focus on.

Oxford st – Bulimba

You have a variety of dining and drink pink options, there’s a cheap cinema. I personally recommended movie before dinner or drinks so that you have something to talk about in case the conversation isn’t flowing.
dating in brisbane, escape hunt

Escape Rooms – CBD, West End, Holland Park

Want something fun and different, that challenges you to solve puzzles. Bit of a test to see how you do under some simulated pressure. Definitely makes for good conversation afterwards.

Heya Comedy Bar – Fortitude Valley

Have a couple of drinks first and then watch some local stand up comedians. Bonus – some of them are actually pretty funny. But it’s a nice way to take the pressure off of you having to fill the entire date with conversation.

Putt putt golf and arcade games – fortitude valley

Want to go a little old school or something for the geeky boys out there. Holey Moley mini golf course is a fun way if you’re both happy for it to not be too serious. Head over to netherworld arcade for some old school arcade fun. No pressure, some friendly competition and maybe a kiss over the pinball machine.

Bounce Inc – Tingalpa

Disclaimer* I have been taken on a date here and it was fun until I tore the ligaments in my ankle. So not recommended for the uncoordinated. But if you’re looking for something fun, check out some of the things on their program or just head over for a bounce.

Giardinetto – Fortitude Valley

Like Italian food?  Not afraid of bulk carbs? Giardinetto is a fantastic little place on Brunswick st with authentic Italian food and you can byo wine. The service is excellent and if you ever get roped into a group date they offer all you can eat banquets for parties of 4 or more.

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Golden Gondola – Newstead

Kinda pricey for a first date, but definitely romantic. You can hire a gondola, byo wine an enjoy the brisbane river at sunset. Personally not one I would pick, however I surveyed a few friends and they thought it was something to pull out if you really wanted to impress someone with how romantic you can be.

Eat st – North Shore

Don’t mind a bit of walking around? There’s plenty of food here and something for everyone including live entertainment and an outdoor cinema… but I’ve only see it play normal tv channels. Pretty affordable and great desert options . Only con in my option is that there are people of all ages there (I mean children).

Whatever festival is on at Southbank

The brisbane festival, the night noodle markets, food and wine, French festival. Check out what’s on at Southbank and have a wander around the food, drinks and entertainment. You can always check out what’s on grey st for dessert or drinks after if you can’t find something you like.

jess-nathan-117-1-jpgThe Tivoli – Fortitude Valley

There’s always something going on at the Tivoli, from Comedy to Music. Are you both music lovers? Or want to make your date think you are? Check out what’s on at the Tivoli. There’s always something.

Story bridge climb.


Ghost tours – all over

I couldn’t imagine doing this sober, but to each their own. It’s not a party until someone’s getting haunted.

Have you been on a date like this? let me know in the comments.

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