I missed the pick up

Leaving Already?

Yea heading home, are you going out after this?

Yea I think we’re heading to the Wickham after this finishes.

Oh well you could always come with me now?

But aren’t you going home?

oh… yea but I live super close to the Wickham

No its ok I’ll wait for my friends.

It wasn’t until I’d sat back down at our table that I realised I’d just missed the pick up… This guy was trying to get me back to his place but because of who I am as a person, I was completely oblivious.

He was hot, clearly defined body under his tight black Tshirt, tight jeans over muscular legs and bright red high-top shoes. I on the other hand was trying to not let anyone see that my socks didn’t match and when I sat down the buttons of my shirt pulled apart to reveal my slight beer gut.

After I relayed this encounter to my friends I received some gentle ribbing  brutal teasing for being so slow on the up take. They convinced me to message him on facebook, to see if I could salvage it.

Turns out I could, I’m not sure what I’d done during the night to attract this guys attention. Maybe he was impressed by the way I shouted out the wrong answers to the trivia questions so confidently, or the way I smashed that burger? but he seemed keen.
Hmm maybe I could salvage this. He’s a professional guy working for a church group. So he must be a pretty decent guy. Not like the usual gentlemen Fuckboys I meet. So we kept chatting. My aim wasn’t to hook up that night, but perhaps secure a date with a guy that seemed genuinely nice.


Well I was unprepared for this little turn of events. Apparently churchy came to play. The trouble was, this entire conversation was being watched by 5 other people who were eager to see this guys flirt game. Risky move buddy.

Sorry, but I think I ruined your good guy rep.

He actually did end up asking me out on a date… which he cancelled due to a migraine. Oh well, another one bites the dust. Maybe next time I’ll be quicker to realise what’s going on… probably not though.

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This exchange took place at a fund raiser for the Brisbane Hustlers – Brisbane’s only GLBTI and all inclusive rugby union team.
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