Tr@ks dating app – a Brisbane start up

Hey Brisbane, do you want to be in on the start of something new?

Are you looking for an alternative to Grindr?

A Brisbane based team has recently launched a new app for LGBTIQ dating called Traks dating (Tr@ks). Its going to offer you 3 different ways to meet guys, depending on what you’re looking for; Mr Right or Mr Right Now.

It took me a couple of minutes to set up the different profiles ‘Date’ ‘Hookup’ & ‘Heatzone’.


The date profile has a few extra questions based on likes/dislikes and personality which make sense after you finish your profile. the dating screen gives you nearby dating profiles and ‘perfect matches’ based on the responses to the questions in your profile. I’ve sent a couple of requests to my perfect matches so here’s hoping.

traks dating, LGBTIQ Datingtraks dating profile

You can add pictures like your standard app. But you can also upload short video messages, to give your potential prince’s a taste for who you are beyond a filtered picture.

traks dating hook up profileHookup

Is exactly what it sounds like. But with Date & Hookup being separated, hopefully people can find what they’re looking for. you can use either or at any time so if you’re just looking to hookup then have at it, or you can use your dating profile and you shouldn’t get all the messages like ‘you looking?’ or ‘horny?’.

Heat Map

I still haven’t quite figured this one out. But going along the same thought train of  ‘something for everyone’. I think this is for the guys who are into ‘beats’, those public places where you go to hook up. You can even create your own in your area and see how many guys are available. This one’s not for me but I’m sure it has its place.


The only issue is that because its new and Grindr has such a chokehold on the gay dating/hookup scene, there aren’t very many users yet and its hard to grow without an online presence.

There’s a number of reasons I like this app, It started locally, its got a traditional dating side and it has a few cool features that Grindr doesn’t. I just wish there were more users. Which is where this post comes in. I want to put the call out there for Aussie guys to download the app and see what you think.

You can download the app here

Or you can tweet them on the details below. I was DMing them on Saturday, they were really quick to respond and were really keen on any feedback I had for how to improve the app.

I have not received payment for this post and nor do I get anything for downloads of the app. I’m just keen on alternatives to Grindr & finding something new. Bring on the dates.

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