Reasons to come PrEP’d

In December last year the QPrEP study kicked off. Basically it aims to reduce HIV infections by making PrEP more available, that’s an oversimplification and they are looking at a lot of other things, but if you want the ins and out you should read the participant information.

I’ve now been on PrEP for 3 months. As a reward for being a good boy and taking my pill everyday, #HotNurse offered me a free jockstrap; who am I to say no to a free jockstrap?

“img_2915” Trying on my new jockstrap

Reasons to consider getting on PrEP:

  1. It’s easy and convienent, one pill a day.
  2. It’s free for the next 4 years.
  3. At the 3 month mark you get this nifty jockstrap
  4. I got to see #HotNurse 3 times in 3 months (back to three monthly visits now)
  5. I’m neurotic and even though I’m always safe, I used to stress and worry about every test, now I have a second line of defence I don’t worry as much.
  6. Free pillbox.
  7. I have yet to meet anyone that has had side effects (this doesn’t mean they don’t happen).
  8. Clinic 30 has mass amounts of free condoms.
  9. End HIV

If you’re in Brisbane and interested in finding out about PrEP you can contact Clinic 30. Clinic 30 is a judgement free zone and provides all sorts of medical and mental health services for the LGBTI community.

*Disclaimer I am not a doctor and this should not consititute medical advice. For a full list of the possible side effects you should consult a doctor and/or read the participant information for the study.

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World Aids Day

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