Suck Less – William Belli

My most exciting purchase of 2017 so far.

I can’t wait to find out how to Suck Less, the best Clap backs and Life hacks from the only queen to ever be kicked off Rupaul’s Drag Race. Willam is a singer, actor drag performer and now a novelist. She competed on season 4 of Rupaul’s Drag Race and has a YouTube series Willam’s Beat Down which is on its fourth season.

You can buy the book from Willam’s website and find tones of other cool stuff over there.

Willam, Drag queenI went on a holiday back in February and was able to sit down and read this while relaxing by a pool and getting sunburnt. There were a couple of points where I thought oh fuck turn the page, mainly the page where there were naked or half naked full colour pictures of men on half the page.

Willam talks about his days sucking dick at gas stations and he delves deep into his relationship with his husband and their rocky 2016. I genuinely didn’t realise how intelligent Willam was, I guess because I’d only seen really curated content (Rupaul’s drag race & Willam’s beat down). He has a foul mouth, but the brain to back it up.

I don’t have any intention of starting a drag career, however I learnt a lot of makeup, wig & of course tucking tips. Drag is a fucking lot of effort. I wonder if anyone has gotten a testicle stuck inside the cavity during a really intense tuck? I bet that’s an image for you.

Anyway, there’s tonnes of personal stories tucked away in this book. Willam has built himself a brand as the boozy, whorey, drag queen and he has had so much success. He talks about his days with DWV

Which I actually didn’t know any of that drama and I had to wait until I was back in service to google all of that.

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There is an audiobook available, but you miss out on all the great pictures (eye candy) and Willam’s guide to drag queen lingo. So check out the book, it’s sold pretty much everywhere. Check out Willam’s youtube channel for the Beat down where she savagely reviews other youtube content. Recently Willam has been collaborating with Alaska & Courtney, calling themselves the AAA Girls. Which actually started as an American Apparel ad campaign.


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Class is in session – Suck Less

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